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Threat Discovery and Remediation Solution

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The Problem

In today’s enterprise attack surface, there’s simply far more available for threat actors to target than ever before.

At the same time, organisations’ Cyber protection struggles to match their defense because of:

  1. Everchanging and more complex vulnerabilities
  2. Insufficient budget to find skilled cyber staff and tools that you can afford and keep
  3. Time to remediate all business critical vulnerabilities within defined SLAs

The Solution

Bringing ANZ’s first, all in one, Threat Discovery and Remediation Service

Our team of experts will bring cutting edge tools and decades of experience to find, fix and monitor cyber security threats and vulnerabilities across all your business assets. Giving you a robust security posture, without you having to worry about the right tools, expensive resources, delayed fixes, and other constraints.

So, where can we help

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What's Included

How it works

Our team of cyber experts come in with a wide range of advanced threat assessment tools to identify all vulnerabilities across your external and internal assets, including identity exposures.

They then provide contextual advise on the risks from those identified vulnerabilities – to accurately prioritise this for your business. Our team will then also fix those prioritized issues while consulting with your team as necessary.

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